Nice to meet you

How it started

An international studio catering to all things digital, we make websites, apps and ecommerce solutions for your business or startup. We cater to all types of clients throughout Europe and Australia and our reach is growing every year.

Started in early 2018 by some Dutchies and an Aussie, we are based in the Netherlands. A laid back but passionate team, we’re always pushing each other to discover new skills and explore new technologies knowing full well how quickly the industry can change. But through the shifts in tech and the latest framework trends, a great client relationship is always key to any project’s success, so building long standing working relationships is a focus for us.

It’s about partnerships

We work closely with our clients and form ongoing relationships ensuring we take the time and care needed to make their projects successful post-launch. We believe a partnership relationship gets the best out of both teams!

While we do a lot of work in house, we also work closely and collaborate with the most skilled individuals and studios in the world to lean on their expertise and invite their fresh ideas. Similar to the client/studio relationship we strive for, the studio/collaborator relationship is just as important and we invite the people we work with to be part of our team for the duration of the work we complete together.

The right tool for the job, every time.

There’s 1000 ways to solve a problem, and 1000 ways to make a digital product. Picking the right tool for the job is one of the most important decisions in every project, be it an ecommerce platform, framework or CMS. We are agile and multifaceted allowing us to bring our methodologies in development to any task required, in any environment.

The team

In the office or working remote, the culture at Instance is relaxed but driven, chill but passionate. Throwing ideas around the slack channel or weekly drinks on Thursday, the team is invited to participate and contribute to every facet of the company, culture and work. Although autonomy is expected, we know that to thrive we must be a team and work together.

We have some positions open right now, so get in touch!