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Instance is an agency catering to all things digital. We build websites, apps and e-commerce solutions for social enterprises, nonprofits and startups, as well as small and large businesses. We cater to all types of clients throughout Europe and Australia with offices in each, and our reach is growing every year. Either working directly in partnership with clients or collaborating with amazing design studios, we work in a flexible and dedicated style that evolves to fit your team’s needs.

We believe a close partnership gets the best out of all parties and have become the primary development partner for design studios and agencies around the world. Strategy, Design, Development and Marketing, we support your project and help your team achieve your goals at launch and long term.


Small team, big ideas

Developing digital products in 2022 is so much more than a problem solving exercise solved by code. More than ever we have the tools to realise our most creative ideas and build digital experiences that may have been deemed too challenging in the past. Web development is no longer simply a means to an end but an exploration in design itself, and the lines between design and code are more blurred than ever. It’s this intersection of technique and creativity that Instance loves to work in.

Founded in 2018 by some Dutchies and an Aussie, we are laid back but passionate team working both in office and remote. Throwing ideas around the slack channel or weekly drinks on Thursday, the team is invited to participate and contribute to every facet of the company, culture and work. Although autonomy is expected, we know that to thrive we must be a team and work together.We’re always pushing each other to discover new skills and explore new technologies knowing full well how quickly the industry can change. Through the shifts in tech and the latest framework trends, we believe a great team culture can stoke the fire of progression and help build, learn and develop as professionals as well as people.

Working together

Digital Partnership

A full service digital partnership, our teams work together towards a set of goals through teamwork and collaboration. From strategy to design, development and marketing, we will guide your team through each step to ensure success.

In person or remote, we act as the digital arm of your business; on hand and always in contact to support and maintain your projects both short and long term. Be it a mobile applications, websites, online stores, campaigning platforms or more, we have the experience and knowledge to empower your business, utilising your current workflows and integrating your existing systems efficiently and making the upgrade process pain free.

The Instance team has been working in the design & development of digital products for over 10 years, and boast a deep knowledge of both disciplines. We understand how code can not just inform design decisions, but also empower them to achieve amazing user experiences across all platforms and devices.

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Development Partnership

When not working on design in-house, we seek out design teams of similar experience and expertise to collaborate and form working relationships with. More than just working closely, we want to challenge both teams and push for the better solution, the abstract approach, and the unique point of difference for our project. 

Our unique experience in both design and development allows us to execute our partners’ most bold ideas and design strategies. We believe that pushing all parties out of our comfort zones can help us achieve the best results and produce memorable and meaningful products. 

We help inform, improve and empower your entire design process.

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What we do

Discovery & Strategy

Through consultation, workshops, and research, we begin to understand your business and your current and future goals, vision and objectives. Market research and User profiles are used to build a design, development & content strategy, as we roadmap your product through design, development and launch.

Prototype & Design

We work closely with your team to bring your vision to life with a UI/UX design strategy that aims to engage your users and gain conversions. Building upon the strategy phase, we wireframe and iteratively prototype before moving to design. Through collaboration, ongoing feedback and review phases, an initial product design is born.


Our skilled developers work closely with the design team to bring the design to life. Accurate, efficient, built to scale and widely supported, we integrate the UI into the most suitable CMS (if one is needed!) for your product, ensuring the Backend is as joyful to use as the Frontend. SEO ready, Q/A’d and working on all devices, your product is delivered to the highest possible standards.

Launch & Support

We deploy your content strategy and empower you to use the new system through training and documentation. Launch however is just the beginning! Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Marketing campaigns will help drive users to your product as we begin to realise the goals and vision we defined at the beginning. Tracking, Analytics & in-depth Reporting inform our next steps, as we deploy a long term and on-going strategy post-launch.

Our services: full digital service and support

Consultation & Planning
Market Research
Audience Research
User Personas
User Journeys

Creative Direction
UI/UX Design
Wireframing & Prototyping
Graphic design
Iterative Design & Sprints
Webdesign & Interactive

Front-end Web Development
CMS Integration
CRM Integration
App Development
Single Page Applications
Live Streaming

Content Strategy
In Depth Analytics

The dream team

A laid back but passionate team, we’re always pushing each other to discover skills and explore techniques through each new wave of the web.

Andrew McNaughton

Digital Director

Rik de Rooy

Communications Director

Dave Steinvoort

Front End Developer, Devops

Joren Rothman

Full Stack Developer

Quirijn Schonewille

Web Designer, QA

Osei Buruwaa


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A personal touch no matter the size of your company

We believe our personal touch and commitment to a working partnership sets us apart. Big or small, we cater to all types of businesses and are always looking for like minded professionals to collaborate with.

Leave your email with us and we will get back to you soon to discuss your project. We will provide you with an estimated cost, breakdown of services, and a roadmap of how we will bring your idea to life.

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